What is DQC?

Dogwood Queen Clean, or DQC, is a professional organizing business providing services to Southeastern North Carolina. With residential and business experience, DQC is ready and excited to help you tackle any of your needs. DQC is an independently owned small business that was formed in 2017. With 7 years of working experience, DQC is prepared for almost any situation.


What can a professional organizer do for me?

DQC offers a variety of business and residential services. A list can be found on the services page of this site. Ranging from small projects, such as a junk drawer or pantry, to large projects, like garage or basement over-hauls, DQC can handle almost any need.

I’m nervous about having someone see my problem.

DQC will create a contract containing a disclosure statement for each new client during the consultation. Being a professional and ethical business, DQC absolutely does not reveal any information about any client at any time without permission from the client. The only photographs that would be taken would be at the client’s discretion for before-and-after portfolio use only.

Is there any situation that cannot be helped?

Absolutely not! DQC can help you get started one step at a time to ensure continued success. The purpose of DQC’s services is to create a system of organization tailored to each individual client. If the system is too complex or does not fit the client, the client will simply not utilize the system and there will inevitably be another problem with organization. One step at a time, breaking the projects down into smaller tasks, DQC can get you where you want to be.